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Fruit Facts – Guava

1. Guavas are low in calories and fats but contain several vital vitаmins, minerals, and antioxidant poly-phenolic and flavonoid compounds that play a pivotal role in prevention of cancers, anti-aging, immune-booster, etc. 2. The fruit is very rich source of soluble dietary fiber (5.4 g per 100 g of fruit, about 14% of DRA). 3. Guava-fruit is an excellent source of antioxidant vitаmin-C. 100 g fresh fruit provides 228 mg of this vitаmin, more

Fruit Facts – Lychee

The lychee fruit is extremely rich in a variety of nutrients. The prime nutrient here is vitamin C. It provides about 72 mg of this vitamin per 100 grams. Moreover, it is a great source of potassium, calcium and magnesium, and is extremely low in calories. So you needn’t worry about consuming calories when you have this fruit. One lychee has only seven calories. Even those who are aiming for weight loss can enjoy