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  • classic_new_mango


    We use the finest hand picked Alphonso Mangos (The king of mangos!) to create this delicious full bodied, refreshing juice drink.

    With a secret formulation dating back over 30 years, our number one best seller delivers the true taste of this mouth-watering fruit.

    Available in 1L Tetra Pak and 200 mL Tetra Pak.


  • classic_new_passion

    Passion Fruit

    Passion by name, passion by nature! This small exotic fruit is famed for its intense aroma, sweet mellow taste and distinctive sharp note!

    Packing the most ripe Ecuadorian passion fruit into our juice drink, its now far easier to enjoy the true taste of this troublesome to eat, yet delicious exotic fruit!

  • classic_new_guava


    To capture the most authentic taste of this distinct sweet musky fruit, we use a combination of both white guava from India and pink guava from South America and the Far East.

    Although a little tricky to get the juice from the guava flesh, we have mastered the art so that you can enjoy this richly scented fruit all year round!

    Available in 1L Tetra Pak and 200mL Tetra Pak

  • classic_new_lychee


    The first thing to surely hit you will be the fragrant perfume like aroma followed by its naturally sweet taste!

    The lychee fruit has been enjoyed for over two thousand years in the orient and we’ve tried our best to capture the unique flavour of this tantalizing fruit by sourcing only the orchard’s finest variety in our refreshing juice drink!

    Available in 1L Tetra Pak and 200mL Tetra Pak

  • classic_new_pomegranate


    Regarded as a super fruit full of antioxidants, the flavor of the pomegranate is both sweet and naturally tart.

    To create our refreshing and deliciously light juice drink, we carefully select the best pomegranates from Turkey, an area renowned for producing some of the best pomegranates in the world!

  • classic_new_soursop


    Also known as Guanabana, Custard Apple or Sitaphal, the Soursop fruits most noticeable trait is its unique and fragrant taste profile.

    By selecting the finest Soursop from Vietnam, we have managed to create a refreshing juice that captures the true essence and sweet flavour of this exotic fruit!