Where are Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks made?
Most of Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks are made Richmond Hill, Canada (our headquarters). We source the fruit for our drinks from countries all around the world, shipping them to Canada.

Does Rubicon contain alcohol?
Rubicon is a soft drinks company and has been making soft drinks for over 30 years. Following the development of modern analytical equipment it is now possible to detect miniscule traces of alcohol in the majority of soft drinks including fruit juices. These trace levels of alcohol can either come from the process used in the production of the flavourings that are used in some soft drinks or from the fruit juice. For example modern analytical equipment will show trace levels of alcohol in an orange or a mango picked straight from the tree.

Flavourings are added to many thousands of food and drink products right across the UK food Industry because they are an essential component in delivering and maintaining the individual products unique, characteristic taste profile preferred by their consumers. These trace levels of alcohol are so miniscule that they have no effect on the smell, colour or taste of the product and so bears no trace of its original nature. The body metabolises the alcohol faster than it is consumed, meaning it can have no possible intoxicating effect.

If you are asking whether our soft drinks are halal or not, we are not in a position to define that as we are a soft drinks company specialising in making soft drinks. However, we have shared this information concerning our products, as have other soft drinks companies, with the GMWA and the Muslim Law (Shariah) Council UK. Their view has been clear, that: ‘Having studied the documents submitted to us regarding the composition and the procedure involved in the production of our soft drinks, they are in compliance with the rules of Shariah and therefore are Halal for Muslims to consume. We hope this answers your questions and allays your concerns about the suitability of Rubicon to be consumed by Muslims.

How do Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks attain their authentic flavour?
Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks aim to replicate a near perfect fluid version of the exotic fruit they are from. They also contain a similar number of calories as a 100% juice like, for example, orange juice which is approximately 50 kcals per 100ml.Exotic fruits, such as Mango or Guava, have very thick pulp, which means we sometimes have to add water to produce the very best taste and texture. Our recipes need to include water to gain the right consistency for the perfect drink and, if necessary, sugar is added to achieve the sweetness of the original fruit.

Do I have to keep Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks in the fridge?
…Not until you’ve opened them. All Rubicon cartons will keep at room temperature for 12 months from the date of manufacture. Once opened, they should be refrigerated and consumed within 4 days. Tasty Tip: all our drinks are more refreshing if served chilled from the fridge.

Are the Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets?
All of our drinks are suitable for vegan and vegetarian diet.

What on earth is a Guanabana?
The name might look like it’s a mixture of Guava and Banana, but it’s not. Guanabana is the fruit you can see on the front of our Guanabana cartons. It is known by a lot of different names such as Soursop, Custard Apple, Cherimoya or Sitaphal. Some people say it tastes like strawberry and pineapple with a hint of coconut… Have a taste and see if you agree?

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