Sun Exotic

Tropical Fruit

Available in 1L

Made using finest exotic juices and pulps extracted from delicious and flavoursome fruits, which includes Mangoes, Guavas, Pineapples, Oranges and Bananas, to give you a refreshing feel of the exotic!

Enriched with Vitamin C!

Water, Sugar, Fruit pulps/juices from concentrates (filtered water, banana, guava, concentrated orange, mango, pineapple), Citric acid, Guar and xanthan gum (stabilizer), Vitamin C, Colour (beta-carotene and concentrated carrot juice), Natural and artificial flavours.

  • Rich in Vitamin C
The Secret

The Perfect Match

Tropical fruits are produced on trees that are native to the tropics. Tropics are the regions below or surrounded by the equator i.e., between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, where the climate is mostly warm or hot around the year. Plants in this region have adapted to the climate, so many tropical fruits are enormous, vividly colourful, and tasty, appealing to the animals that disperse their seeds.