Passion Fruit

Available in 355 ML Cans

We’ve added some fizz to our passion fruit juice drink, turning the exotic flavour dial up to eleven! Once the tartness hits your tongue, the taste glides into a bubbly sweetness that tingles your tastebuds. Lightly carbonated and made of perfectly ripe Ecuadorian passion fruits, this is pure Rubicon refreshment at its finest.

Carbonated water, Fruit juice from concentrate (passion fruit 4%, orange 4%), Sugar, Natural flavour, Citric acid, Beta carotene, Guar and xanthan gum, Stevia extract.

  • 90 cal
The Secret

The Passion fruit

Passion fruit is known to have tranquilizing properties and it's used for calming nerves and relieving anxiety. So, if you're feeling edgy, try it for a few days and see the result.